18 October 2019

The High Street Is Changing


Over recent years it is well documented that the traditional high street has changed.  Many of the multi-national retail chains have pulled back from having a high street presence and this has led to some towns and villages experiencing difficult times.

However if you look closely there is also a more positive shift taking place with the advent of new leisure and food led businesses filling the void left by the old traditional retailers.  That is not to say retail is dead.  We are now seeing more niche specialist retailers selling quality products that require a shop window as well as a web presence.

More and more people are moving back into towns and cities and the demand for quality food and beverage led products from around the world is growing fast.  People are now more inclined to eat out and shop local.

Here at Hart & Co we have many years experience in selling such businesses from stylish coffee shops, wine bars and restaurants.  If you own such a business, are looking to move on to pastures new and wish to have a confidential discussion about how best to sell your business and achieve the best price within a sensible time frame, please contact us and we will be happy to help guide you through the process.