14 July 2020

Coming Around Again………….


Things appear to be stirring cautiously back to life.  The difficulty at the moment is that no-one really knows necessarily how to be.  What is evident is that the Business Community are keen to get going with many having used the down time to assess where they are at and where they think they can improve, whilst maintaining their core trade.  In the main it is fair to say that the State support financially has been very welcome.  In the short term this has averted the many disastrous consequences of three months inactivity.  There will however be a need for businesses to learn from what we have experienced and realign themselves.  Being frank, we all expected 2020 to be a successful year commercially.  However, as has been the case so many times in the past, no-one saw this latest challenge coming and one that feels slightly different in comparison to economic issues we have faced previously.   Many Businesses have simply paused and have seemed very intent on positive progression, even the worst affected if they have been agile and quick to respond, have found the silver linings.  This does not attempt in any way to make light of the human cost and we must remember the huge sacrifices people have made to enable us to maintain what we all take for granted.  For now, we must pick ourselves up and carry on.  The positive things we can take forward are the reliance we all have on each other to get on with our lives both personally and commercially, a little bit of patience and understanding when things don’t always go to plan and lastly and more importantly we will get through this and once again prosper.