23 February 2021

Brighter Later……………


These past few months have been tough, news in general has been best avoided as the constant barrage of sadness and struggle coupled with the tedium of yet another lockdown in the darkest months of the year has become an endurance.

Despite all this, the resilience shown has been remarkable.  When we returned to our offices, we very quickly saw an up-tick in enquiries on businesses large and small.  Whilst the level of transactions has been nowhere near normal, there have been some really good deals put together with companies acquiring other businesses in order to grow and individuals changing tack and acquiring businesses to adapt and trade moving forward.  Some notable transactions we have conducted include a specialist animal feeds retailer, an outdoor leisure business sold due to our client’s wish to retire and the sale of a specialist logistics business.

We expect, as measures start to ease up, a degree of optimism will spread to most sectors and as this gains some momentum so will the requirements for people and businesses to look for opportunities.  Hart & Co have been successfully selling businesses for over a decade now.  Our clients’ needs are what matters to us and we will adapt to suit.  One thing that will never change is our ability to achieve what they ask of us, straightforward honest advice and successful results!